International Yoga Day: INSTRUCTORS- FAQ's

What is the purpose of this event?

The United Nations passed a resolution in 2014, recognizing June 21st as an International Yoga Day (IYD) to be celebrated worldwide.  The United Nations hosted its first IYD on June 21, 2015.  Since then, the yoga community worldwide has been honoring IYD by learning more about the origin, philosophy, practices and benefits of yoga.

Sanskriti of NJ started the annual celebration of IYD in 2021 with the hope of highlighting the local yoga related businesses, connecting people from all walks of life and very importantly, educating the community on the healing benefits of yoga.

Yoga and meditation find their origin in ancient Indian civilization with modern application and universal appeal to all people. During the pandemic, breathing practices of yoga have helped increase lung capacity.  Regular practice of yoga has immense physical and mental health benefits.

What is the format of the event? 

We invite community participation from Livingston and neighboring towns.  We market the event via social media such as FB ads, by emailing our 5000+ subscribers and by street/yard signs.  

We will have booths for yoga studios and teachers to showcase their offerings and meet the community.  This event is free for yoga studios.  

We will have spaces for several concurrent classes onsite.  Each workshop will be 30 to 40 minutes long.  Tentative schedule will be published on our FB page one week before the event.

What do I need to bring to the event?

We will provide space to conduct a 30-40 minute class with 25-30 participants, one table and 2 chairs to each instructor. The area where you will instruct will have no boundary so number of participants can be larger. Instructors can bring their marketing material to be distributed to participants.

Is there a cost to participate?

No. The event is free for yoga and meditation teachers, studios as well as for participants. We welcome any businesses that are related to yoga and ancient knowledge to participate.

Can yoga teachers get their own canopy?

Yes, you are free to get your own canopy that is upto 10 X 10 ft in size. 

Will there be other marketing offered?

We will be actively reaching out to the community via our email-blasts that reach 5000+ members.  We will also be sending out public announcements via print and digital media.  As soon as you register, we will include your business details, your brand and your offering on our Facebook page:

Can yoga teachers share their booth with other yoga teachers?

We encourage each teacher and studio to have their own booth.  

Can I pick where I want to be placed at the event?

No. We will assign the spots to all teachers and studios.